Camp Manyung



Mornington Peninsula, VICTORIA



The project included a series individual eight bed beach huts, incorporating 110 beds, ensuites, separate leaders lodge and an adjacent main dining hall. The project brief highlighted the extensive historical value of the site, as the original design concept and site development was completed by a close colleague of Walter Burleigh Griffin, and was overseen by Walter Burleigh Griffin’s architecture office. Because of the significant heritage overlays, extensive research was conducted into the design philosophy of the original Architects and of the site itself. The resultant design was functional and uplifting, whilst being sensitive and respectful to the important heritage and seaside landscape. I addition to the bungalows above the existing accommodation facilities have been extended and renovated over a 10 year period. The original huts a being returned to there original design and finish over time. Perhaps the Camps and YMCA camp groups most successful asset is the Australian first universal access high ropes coarse.



2.5 million dollars



Peter Thompson Architects are involved in the design and feasibility study of the Camp Manyung project. As well as the overseeing of the building works.



Work currently in progress.