Bacchus Marsh Grammar projects

  • Bacchus Marsh Grammar Terraces Building



Bacchus Marsh Grammar



Peter Thompson Architects has been the architect for the school for over 20 year.. As architect he designed new and refurbished most of the schools building stock. Projects include,the Art and Science (Terraces) building. The administration block. The gymnasium. The food science block. Science rooms, Music and Theatre.  Library and Ampitheatre. The iconic terraces building consists of 13 classrooms for the school’s art and science department, which takes advantage of the sweeping views of the Bacchus Marsh Township as well as other points of interest for the benefit of the students such as an energy monitoring system of the building which the students can study as well as a conservatory and an observatory for the school’s science department to utilise.


Peter Thompson Architects has overseen in excess of $50mil. worth of infrastructure at the school


May 2011 with other works ongoing.